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Getting More Reviews with Rex – Case Study

If you want to survive as a small local business, having a strong online presence with a healthy number of good reviews is vital. However, getting your clients to leave a review on Google, Facebook or any other site can be tricky. So what is the best way to obtain those coveted 5-star reviews? And is there a way to leverage lists of past clients and get many reviews fast?

Obviously, the first thing you need to do is provide great service. Next, you’ll want to have a system in place to ask for reviews. With the help of a professional review management tool such as Rex, that can be easy! And, as you will read in this post, it doesn’t even have to take a long time. This case study describes how Steve Haney, The Mortgage Doctor, got an impressive 72 new 5-star reviews or Facebook recommendations in only two weeks using Rex.

Steve Haney used Rex to get dozens of new 5-star reviews

Steve Haney hosting his radio show

The Mortgage Doctor

Steve Haney a.k.a. “The Mortgage Doctor” is a mortgage professional in Colorado Springs. He is recognized as an expert in the field and even has his own radio show. While Steve is an expert in all kinds of mortgages, he specializes in reverse mortgages.

Many mortgage lenders use Rex to get more online reviews

Steve Haney has over 25 years’ experience in the mortgage community

As someone who takes marketing and maintaining a healthy online presence seriously, Steve has been using Rex for his review management since 2017. Once a month, he sends Rex feedback requests to the people he helped during that month with their mortgage needs.

However, when you help as many people as Steve, over time you build a long list of clients who you worked with successfully. Steve had worked with many people before he started using Rex, so he had a treasure trove of clients whom he had never asked for a review. Client lists like that often hold a great potential for online reviews.

Rex Fetches Reviews

The Rex Basic Package allows users to send messages to 50 clients a month. Luckily, Meet Rex lets users upgrade to the Premium plan for just a month, exactly for situations like this. With a Premium subscription, users can upload a list of clients, up to 1000 a month, instead of having to enter them one by one.

In order to send out Rex feedback requests to his list of past clients, Steve upgraded his subscription to Premium for one month.

Sending review requests is easy with Rex

With the Rex Premium plan, users can upload large client lists in CSV format

The Result

Only eleven days after Steve’s assistant uploaded his list to Rex, he had received no fewer than 24 new five-star Google reviews, 9 Facebook recommendations, 3 five-star Zillow reviews, and 36 five-star reviews on Steve’s own testimonial page.

While Meet Rex recommends that users send their feedback requests soon after a client interaction, this example goes to show that lists of past clients can be a very valuable source of new reviews. Especially if you know you had a great rapport with your clients and achieved good results with them, don’t be shy to reach out. You may be pleasantly surprised at people’s willingness to help you out with a review!

Looking to Get More Reviews?

If this story made you wonder what Rex can do for your business, why not request a demo today? Just email us at info@meetrex.com.